The Regolith Desktop project has moved to a new website for the 2.0 release.

Regolith is a modern desktop environment designed to let you work faster by reducing unnecessary clutter and ceremony. Built on top of Ubuntu, GNOME, and i3, Regolith stands on a well-supported and consistent foundation.

Visual Tour

Upon first login, an overlay (toggled anytime via super ?) presents the most important keybindings used with i3-wm.

Single Terminal

For those that work in the terminal, pressing super enter is all it takes to get to business.

A single global app launcher is instantly available from anywhere to run your programs via super space.


Need more terminals? Create layouts on the fly by toggling between horizontal and vertical modes with super backspace followed by super enter. Navigate to windows positionally with super h j k l.

Toggle floating window mode with super F. Resize windows with super r and move them around with the mouse by pressing super.

Window Float
GNOME system admin

Gnome Flashback provides consistent and simple system management. Tweak your UI, auto mount your USB drives, connect to wireless networks. Launch the control panel with super c.

Easily switch to Solarized or other looks with the regolith-look command. Because looks utilize the package manager, you only store theme resources that you're using.

System Updates

Regolith is built on Ubuntu, providing a system that's up to date and stable.

Got a lot going on? Quickly find the window you're looking for via super ctrl space or navigate over workspaces with super [0 - 19].

Window Management

Waste no space on frivolous UI and take advantage of every pixel without micro-managing your window layouts.

Desktop notifications do not compete for your attention, but rather can be managed via an on-screen dialog by pressing super n.


What Makes Regolith Different

Thanks to…

Regolith is more curation than creation. Here are some of the notable people and entities that produced unaffiliated work independently from which Regolith is based.