Regolith Linux

Regolith is a unique desktop environment that ditches the cruft of Windows and Mac knockoffs to provide a productive and beautiful place to get work done. Built on top of Ubuntu and GNOME, Regolith stands on a stable, well-supported, and consistent foundation.

Intro Screenshot

Visual tour of Regolith

What Makes Regolith Different

Get Regolith

Install or test drive Regolith from scratch with the LiveCD Installer, or if you already have an existing Ubuntu setup*, simply add it as another desktop session by installing the package regolith-desktop from the Regolith PPA. See the install page for more details.

*Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 19.04 bases available

Next Steps

Have a look at the Getting Started guide to learn more about using Regolith Linux, see the latest updates, or check out the configuration page to learn about how to tweak it to your liking. Also have a look at the Keybindings to learn the quickest way around your new desktop environment.


Regolith is more curation than creation. Here are some of people and entities that produced work independently from which Regolith is based.

Michael Stapelberg and Ingo Bürk Desktop UI
Dave Davenport Desktop UI
yshui Desktop UI
Alberts Muktupāvels Desktop UI
Vivien Didelot Desktop UI
Arctic Ice Studio and Ethan Schoonover Colors
Eliver Lara Theme
Sam Hewitt Icons Terminal
Lucas Bellator and Luca Bravo Wallpaper
PJ Singh Infrastructure
Canonical and GitHub Infrastructure