Override Xresources

Learn how to stage user copies of Regolith configuration files.

Regolith relies on the Xresource system to provide a consolidated interface configuration. By changing Xresource values, Regolith can be customized in ways such as updating the user interface, specifying custom behaviors, or defining a specific format for the clock.

Determining what values can be changed

The xrdb tool can be used to list the existing Xresource values. See here for a table of existing values in the R1.3.1 release.

Example - Update the UI for High DPI Screens

  1. Create or add the following value to your ~/.config/regolith/Xresources file:
Xft.dpi: 192
  1. Reload the Xresource configuration:
$ regolith-look refresh
  1. Open a new terminal to see the change take effect.

192 is just an example value, please adjust as needed.

Regolith generates many of these values from a canonical set of definitions. See this readme for more details. If you find yourself updating many values, it may be more concise to create your own look instead.

Last modified February 29, 2020: Many changes to docs for R1.3.1. (369a78b)