Change Notification Systems

Disable Rofication and add another notification system.

Regolith ships with a notification system called Rofication. This system is designed to work in the background and not use pop-ups as a way of alerting the user to a new notification. Rather, a small bar item displays the current number of unread notifications and a dialog can be loaded to view and delete them. This page is allows you to enable a more traditional notification UI.

For this exercise we'll use dunst but similar steps can be used for other notification components.

  1. Stage your own i3 config file (tutorial) and i3xrocks config file.
  2. Disable the Rofication backend by removing or commenting out the following line from ~/.config/regolith/i3/config:
# exec --no-startup-id /usr/share/rofication/
  1. Disable the Rofication front end by editing ~/.config/regolith/i3xrocks/config and commenting out the rofication blocklet:
# Rofication
# Displays notifications.

  1. Install dunst:
$ sudo apt install dunst
  1. Log out and back in. Test your notifications with notify-send test123. You should see a pop-up from dunst.