Switch between Regolith PPAs

Changing Regolith PPA allows to get a different set of package versions

This page describes how to configure the package system to consume Regolith packages between a set of PPAs.

Regolith PPAs

See this section for a description of each PPA. By default users will be on the release PPA which is intended to only be updated upon bug fixes and versioned releases. Here is how to switch to the unstable PPA, by updating the apt packaging configuration:

  1. Remove the existing release PPA:
$ sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:regolith-linux/release
  1. Add the new unstable PPA:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:regolith-linux/unstable
$ sudo apt update
  1. Upgrade packages to the upgraded versions contained in the new PPA:
$ sudo apt upgrade

Switch Back

To return to the previon configuration, simply follow the steps above but toggle the PPA URIs. So, swap unstable for release.

Once the PPAs have been switched, to revert any unwanted package updates from the unstable repository, simply install the specific version you wish to revert to. For example, if regolith-deskop has version 4 in unstable and version 3 in release, you would have been upgraded to version 4 after using the unstable PPA and taking updates. To revert back to version 3 after swapping back to the release PPA, tell apt the specific version you wish to install:

$ sudo apt install regolith-desktop=3

The general form is apt install <package name>=<package version>. You will be notified by apt that the operation will result in a downgrade package version.