Wallpaper Configuration

Change wallpaper via GNOME or Xresources

This page describes how to configure the wallpaper in Regolith, which can either be set via the GNOME Settings, or in dotfiles via Xresources overrides.

GNOME settings

As is mentioned in the Getting Started section, wallpaper can be set using GNOME Settings. Some Looks specific specific wallpaper that is set to go along with the color theme and other style changes. An Xresources value can be set to tell Regolith to ignore Look settings and keep which ever wallpaper has been selected via GNOME Settings. The following command will set the gnome.wallpaper Xresources key to an empty value, which will prevent Regolith from making any changes:

$ echo "gnome.wallpaper: " >> ~/.config/regolith/Xresources


Another way of setting the wallpaper is by specifying a file path to the image in the Xresources key gnome.wallpaper. Upon session load, wallpaper will be set if a image file is specified at this key. For example, here is how to specify an override to set the wallpaper to the default Ubuntu wallpaper:

$ echo "gnome.wallpaper: /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png" >> ~/.config/regolith/Xresources

Disable all Wallpaper Handling

Regolith can be configured to ignore wallpaper. To do this set the gnome.wallpaper Xresource value to empty as specified above and then configure gnome-flashback to not manage the desktop:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-flashback.desktop draw-background false