Find and Install Packages

Search for packages and install them on your system.

Regolith is a Debian-based system. Debian packaging tools can be used to find and install packages.

Find package via the command line

The apt command can be used to query installed or all packages:

$ apt list --installed <package name> # finds installed packages
$ apt list <package name> # finds all packages

For example, to list all official Regolith looks that could be installed, run:

$ apt list regolith-look-*

To see which status indicators are installed on your system, run:

$ apt list --installed i3xrocks-*

Install packages via the command line

To install packages via the command line, again we can us the apt command, but must use sudo to gain the rights necessary for installation:

$ sudo apt install <package name>

To install the battery status indicator, run:

$ sudo apt install i3xrocks-battery

Find and Install Packages via GUI app

There are a number of apps that can provide a nice window interface on top of the apt packaging system, for example synaptic. Refer to the documentation for the tool of your choice to learn how to search for and install packages.