Verify behavior against upstream

This page describes how to root cause the origin of bugs.

Regolith is composed of several existing open-source projects plus some additional custom packages. Sometimes when a bug is found in Regolith, actually it’s a bug in an upstream project. Determining the source of bugs is a first step in getting them fixed.

Check gnome-flashback

Most of Regolith’s GNOME support comes from the gnome-flashback project. To run a gnome-flashback session, install the session and log back in to your account after selecting that session from the login screen.

  1. Install the gnome-session-flashback session:
sudo apt install gnome-session-flashback
  1. Restart your computer and then select the GNOME Flashback (Metacity) session as shown here:
  1. Verify your behavior against Regolith. If the problematic behavior also exists in gnome-flashback then the bug is likely there. If the bug does not exist in the gnome-flashback then it’s likely to be in Regolith.