Advanced topics for the Regolith interface


The bar’s visibility can be toggled with super i . This can be useful when wanting to remove all distractions and devote 100% of the screen to one or more applications in your workspace. Another way of giving one application complete use of the screen is to press super f to cause the active application to enter full screen mode.

i3-wm Layout Mode

i3-wm offers a few different layout modes. super t can be used to toggle between tabbed, horizontal and vertical split modes.

Save and Restore Window Positions

i3-snapshot is integrated into Regolith for saving and restoring window layouts in the same session. Pressing super , will write the current window layout to a file in the /tmp directory. super . will restore that layout. i3-snapshot is intended for use cases in which monitor changes may cause layouts to be randomized. It is not a replacement for i3-save-tree as it uses window identifiers that do not survive across X sessions, nor does it offer a way of positioning application launches into specific layouts.