Policy about how Regolith evolves over time

Configuration Files

Regolith Linux is continually being updated with bug fixes and feature enhancements. Regolith’s default configuration files live in /etc/regolith/. To customize these files, make copies in your user directory and make changes there. These copied files in the user directory are owned by the user and will not be modified by Regolith.

Package Updates

Notification of upcoming updates including those that may introduce breaking changes will be announced on the Regolith Linux Announcements mailing list.

Once a package has been published to the release PPA, Ubuntu’s built-in package update facility will find the update and either directly apply it or ask the user if they wish to do so, depending on configuration.

Package Promotion

Development of Regolith happens via updates to source code kept in git repositories within the GitHub Regolith organization. When a given feature or fix is ready for testing, it is published to the unstable PPA. After the change has been verified to work and not cause other problems, it is promoted to the stable PPA. Changes being perceived as high-risk will spend some additional time in stable. If a change is a feature, it will stay in stable until the next version release, but if the change is a bug fix, it will be promoted to the release PPA.

Package Versions

For packages specific to Regolith, semver will be used. From Regolith 1.4.1 forward, semver will also be used to describe release versions. So, if a new release of Regolith will introduce some new component or configuration that is incompatible with the previous version, the major version will be bumped. Feature releases that do not introduce obvious breaking changes will be minor bumps, and bug fixes will cause a patch bump. s