A summary of packages hosted by the Regolith project and a description for each.
i3-snapshotSave and restore window layouts.
i3xrocksA fork of i3blocks that enables Xresources integration.
regolith-assetsAn optional package with additional wallpaper.
regolith-builderScripts and metadata for building and hosting Regolith.
regolith-compositor-compton-glxA compositor configuration for Picom (recently renamed from Compton).
regolith-compositor-xcompmgrA compositor configuration for xcompmgr.
regolith-compositor-noneA compositor configuration for no compositor.
regolith-desktopThe legacy (pre 1.5) root meta package for Regolith by which all other default packages are referenced.
regolith-desktop-metaThe virtual package from which one of the following desktop packages can be installed into:
regolith-desktop-standardThe baseline desktop package that installs a reasonable subset of all Regolith functionality.
regolith-desktop-completeThis installs all possible packages and adds roughly 180Mb to the installation footprint.
regolith-desktop-minimalThis package is for system tweakers. Some functionality may be broken with this package, but it allows users to remove more from their system.
regolith-desktop-mobileA slight tweak to the standard package, this adds support for features common on laptops such as batteries.
regolith-gdm3-themeAn optional package for an updated login screen.
regolith-gnome-flashbackA customization of i3-gnome-flashback for Regolith. Session init logic lives here.
regolith-i3-gaps-configRegolith’s version of the i3 config file.
regolith-i3xrocks-configConfiguration for the status indicators in the bar.
regolith-linux.github.ioThis website.
regolith-roficationA customization of the Rofication project.
regolith-stThe st-term with some patches applied.
regolith-stylesMetadata that describes the UI look in Regolith including several binary packages for specific looks.
remontoireA GTK+ keybinding viewer that integrates with i3.
xrescatcat for Xresources.

Diving Deeper

For those looking for more specifics, a machine-readable form of all packages and branch versions associated with a release are defined in this repo. For example, R1.3’s packages are defined here.