1.4.1 Release Notes

Release notes for Regolith 1.4.1.

Regolith R1.4.1 is a fast follow up to 1.4 that fixes a few serious bugs, detailed on the mailing list here. In addition to the package updates, a new boot animation is provided by the package plymouth-theme-regolith that is installed by default on the ISO. The ISO also now excludes a deprecated touchpad driver that was conflicting with Settings. Existing PPA-based installations can simply get the updates via their typical package update process. Regolith Linux ISO users can update to R1.4.1 by applying regular package updates and then follow this guide to perform some manual steps if they have touchpad issues or use encrypted root file systems.

Last modified May 12, 2020: Updates for 1.4.1 release. (805103ae)