1.5.2 Release Notes

Release notes for Regolith 1.5.2.

Regolith 1.5.2 is a bug fix release. The following list contains brief descriptions of fixes and updates per package since the Regolith 1.5.1 release:

Release Notes for regolith-compositor-picom-glx

  • Remove manual fade flag passed to compositor in favor of specification in config file. Allows users to specify fade parameters via config file.

Release Notes for regolith-ftue

  • Check update flag before changing gnome-terminal. Allows users to turn gnome-terminal profile generation off.

Release Notes for regolith-i3xrocks-config

  • Added gawk specific testing for temp script (#108)
  • Filter all interfaces associated with VPN traffic while determining default route (#110)
  • Capture error cases involving invalid network device paths and sleep before returning to resolve CPU consuming loop due to interval type of i3blocks.

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