Regolith Linux


Regolith is comprised of existing open source projects and some minor custom configuration and package metadata. The following table lists the primary components that make up Regolith Linux:

Package Function Regolith Customization
Gnome-flashback System Management package
i3-wm Tiling Window Manager package
i3-gaps Nice additions to i3-wm See i3-wm
Rofi Application Launcher and Window Switcher package
Compton Compositor package
Conky Shortcuts on Desktop package
GDM3 Login Screen package
Simple Terminal (st) Terminal Emulator package
i3-gnome-flashback i3/gnome integration repo
Adobe Source Code Pro Primary Font N/A
Solarized Color Palette Color Scheme N/A
Psiu Puxa Wallpapers Desktop Backgrounds N/A


Regolith is a set of Ubuntu packages distributed via two “Private Package Repositories” (PPA):

Repository URL Purpose
Regolith Stable Primary repository for Regolith packages
Regolith Unstable Pre-release versions of Regolith packages. Not recommended for everyday use of Regolith.



Colors and fonts can be changed in Regolith by updating your Xresource values. The primary Xresources file that Regolith uses is /etc/regolith/styles/root. To customize them, copy that file to ~/.Xresources-regolith. After logging back in your new settings should take effect.


Color values can be selected by toggling the #includes in your Regolith Xresources file. Lines in Xresources are commented if ! is the first character of the line.

Package Changes

Function Component Configuration File Package
Desktop Bar i3-bar ~/.config/regolith/i3/config regolith-i3
System Status Indicators i3xrocks ~/.config/regolith/i3xrocks/config regolith-i3xrocks
Window Manager i3-wm ~/.config/regolith/i3/config regolith-i3
App Launcher Rofi /etc/rofi.conf regolith-rofi-config
System Keybindings i3-wm ~/.config/regolith/i3/config regolith-i3
Keybinding Guide Conky /etc/xdg/conky/config regolith-conky-config


All deployable aspects of Regolith Linux are expressed via debian packages. These packages are available in source form on the Regolith Linux Github project. Creating packages is not necessary to change the look and feel of Regolith, however there are advantages to packaging changes. More easily sharing changes, ability to have a common configuration across machines, automatic updates, and a clean versioning strategy are all advantages to using a packaging system.