Regolith Linux


Regolith news is moving to The Regolith Linux Announcements mailing list is now the place to subscribe to or browse Regolith Linux announcements. This list is not intended for discussion or for issues, so the volume should be pretty low. Updates, bug fixes, new features, and notices of breaking changes will be posted here.


Active Development Tasks

  • Regolith 1.2 ISO Release.
  • Adding a shutdown menu via Rofi. Issue
  • Adding i3-snapshot to save/restore window layout.
  • Adding ARM platform support. Issue
  • Package i3-gaps 4.17.

Future Themes

  • Further reducing the static visual footprint of the Regolith environment.
  • Reducing the size of Regolith Linux’s LiveCD image.
  • Depend on vanilla packages for all core components, and apply customizations seperately.
  • Porting the Regolith Desktop Environment to Debian and Fedora.
  • Rethink the first-time user experience. Focus on users not readily familiar with tiling window managers.

Also, have a look at the issues in Regolith Desktop to see what bugs are being worked on and discussed.

Old News

7/28/2019 Feature Migrate to Xresources for color, typeface, and theme settings. See the issue and new configuration page for details. Thanks to everyone that helped with this major new feature.
7/4/2019 Bugfix Mouse cursor fix for shortcut toggle by @craigerrington.
7/4/2019 Feature Better organization of cheatsheet and window kill command by @eldelacajita.
7/4/2019 Feature Added vim keybindings to resize mode.
7/4/2019 Feature Xresources styles now being staged for usage in themes.
7/4/2019 Feature Regolith now supports Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic).
7/3/2019 Feature Pulling in new packages regolith-styles and xgetres for ongoing migration to Xresources for configuration.
7/3/2019 Bugfix Another i3bar fix for workspace ordering.
6/29/2019 Bugfix There were some minor regressions to i3bar from some earlier font changes that have been addressed.
6/29/2019 Polish Desktop wallpaper is now managed from gnome-control-center.
6/29/2019 Media Regolith Featured on
6/20/2019 Media Regolith reviewed by Linux Insider.
6/19/2019 Docs Create keybindings page for all defaults in Regolith.
6/19/2019 Bugfix Fix font configuration of i3bar by @PreciousChicken.
6/17/2019 Media Regolith reviewed by DistroTube.
6/15/2019 Docs Added howto for i3/gnome integration without Regolith.
6/15/2019 Polish Format CPU load percentage to avoid unnecessary movement in bar.
6/15/2019 Bugfix Fix issue with wallpapers refreshing for newer version of feh.
6/14/2019 Media Regolith reviewed by OMG!Ubuntu!
5/27/2019 Release Added new Regolith r1.1 ISO based on Ubuntu 19.04 in sync with regolith-stable.
5/26/2019 Release Update regolith-stable PPA with many updates from regolith-unstable.
5/20/2019 Bugfix Update shortcut FTUI with previous keybinding changes.
5/18/2019 Bugfix Desktop wallpaper will redraw if displays change, preventing garbled backgrounds.
5/18/2019 Keybindings There have been some changes to default keybindings. See Getting Started for details.
5/18/2019 Distro Support Regolith can now be installed on Ubuntu 19.04 as well as 18.04 LTS via the PPA.
5/18/2019 Self A news page is available to see changes to Regolith.