Regolith Linux


6/15/2019 Docs Added howto for i3/gnome integration without Regolith.
6/15/2019 Polish Format CPU load percentage to avoid unnecessary movement in bar.
6/15/2019 Bugfix Fix issue with wallpapers refreshing for newer version of feh.
5/27/2019 Release Added new Regolith r1.1 ISO based on Ubuntu 19.04 in sync with regolith-stable.
5/26/2019 Release Update regolith-stable PPA with many updates from regolith-unstable.
5/20/2019 Bugfix Update shortcut FTUI with previous keybinding changes.
5/18/2019 Bugfix Desktop wallpaper will redraw if displays change, preventing garbled backgrounds.
5/18/2019 Keybindings There have been some changes to default keybindings. See Getting Started for details.
5/18/2019 Distro Support Regolith can now be installed on Ubuntu 19.04 as well as 18.04 LTS via the PPA.
5/18/2019 Self A news page is available to see changes to Regolith.