Regolith Linux


Regolith news is moving to The Regolith Linux Announcements mailing list is now the place to subscribe to or browse Regolith Linux announcements. This list is not intended for discussion or for issues, so the volume should be pretty low. Updates, bug fixes, new features, and notices of breaking changes will be posted here.


Active Development Tasks

  • Adding i3-snapshot to save/restore window layout.
  • Adding ARM platform support. Issue
  • Package i3-gaps 4.17.
  • Adding support for multiple distros for the Regolith desktop environment, such as Debian and Fedora.
  • Adding a Regolith page to gnome-initial-setup.
  • Adding more branding to the ISO release, such as boot up animations and gdm3 customizations.

Future Themes

  • Further reducing the static visual footprint of the Regolith environment.
  • Reducing the size of Regolith Linux’s LiveCD image.
  • Depend on vanilla packages for all core components, and apply customizations seperately.
  • Porting the Regolith Desktop Environment to Debian and Fedora.
  • Rethink the first-time user experience. Focus on users not readily familiar with tiling window managers.

Also, have a look at the issues in Regolith Desktop to see what bugs are being worked on and discussed.