Regolith Linux



There is nothing in Regolith Linux itself that collects any user data, either anonymously or otherwise. Because Regolith is a customization of Ubuntu Linux, any data collection that Ubuntu is doing will also be performed by Regolith Linux. This website has vanilla Google Analytics integration.


As an open source project, Regolith Linux is open to anyone to extend, fork, or modify as they see fit. People are welcome to join as contributors to the project if interested. Please file an issue describing the change you’d like to be made to Regolith before doing the work however, so we do not waste anybody’s time.


Regolith Linux is an open source project with no profit motives. Because this software can be provided without cost via GitHub, Source Forge, and, there is no overhead and no need to spray advertisements all over everything. GitHub,, and Source Forge may have advertisements for their costs.