Regolith Linux



There is nothing in Regolith Linux itself that collects any user data, either anonymously or otherwise. Because Regolith is a customization of Ubuntu Linux, any data collection that Ubuntu is doing will also be performed by Regolith Linux. This website has vanilla Google Analytics integration.


Regolith Linux is continually being updated with bug fixes and feature enhancements. At times, these updates will introduce changes that are not backwards compatible with earlier versions. When this occurs, new copies of any user configuration files (such as the i3 config file) will be staged in the user directory with a version postfix. Regolithโ€™s configuration files live in various places in /etc, mainly in /etc/regolith/. To customize these files, make copies in your user directory and make changes there. These files will not be modified by Regolith. Existing files will not be deleted or modified, allowing the user to merge their customizations as needed. Notification of upcoming updates that introduce breaking changes will be announced on the Regolith Linux Announcements mailing list.


Regolith Linux is an open source project with no profit motives. Because this software can be provided without cost via GitHub, Source Forge, and, there is no overhead and no need to spray advertisements all over everything. GitHub,, and Source Forge may have advertisements for their costs. Some upstream projects are listed on the home page. They may be a good place to look if youโ€™re looking for a place to provide some compensation.