Regolith Linux

Visual Tour

Upon login, Regolith is relatively free of clutter.

Empty Screenshot

For those that do most of their work in the terminal, pressing <super>-<enter> is all it takes to get to business.

Terminal Screenshot

Need more terminals? Toggle between horizontal and vertical layouts with <super>-<backspace>.

Terminals Screenshot

Launching apps is as simple as <super>-<space>, type a few letters of the app you're looking for and press <enter> to launch it.

Rofi Screenshot

GNOME integration provides consistent and simple system management. Tweak your UI, auto mount your USB drives, connect to a wireless router.

Gnome Screenshot

Toggle an overlay that presents the most important keybindings until they become muscle-memory.

Conky Screenshot

Big on multitasking? Quickly find the window you're looking for via <super>-<ctrl>-<space>.

Conky Screenshot

Waste no space on frivilous UI and take advantage of every pixel.

Dev Screenshot